Food Safety Certification FSSC 22000

Certification FSSC 22000
certified by

FSSC 22000 is a complete certification scheme for food safety management systems based on existing ISO 22000, ISO/TS 22002-1 standards.

It responds to technical specifications for Prerequisite Programs of the corresponding sector (food production, manufacture of containers for the food industry or for Food Transportation and Storage).

International Certified Quality IFEAT

International Federation
of Essential Oils and
Aroma Trades

Delsa is a member of IFEAT. IFEAT is an international federation focused in the spread of best practices in the flavour and in the essential oil industry.

As a member of IFEAT we are committed to delivering highest quality products aligned with international standards.

Kosher Certified Flavors

Kosher Certification
certified by

Kosher’s certification is required for all the ingredients of Kosher food.

Buying Kosher certified products facilitates the use of products in new international markets.

Halal Certified Flavors

Halal Certification
certified by
Instituto Halal

Halal's certification is required for all the ingredients following de dictates of the Islamic Law.

Buying Halal certified products facilitates the use of products in new international markets.

Eco-Bio Certified Flavors

Eco-Bio Certification
certified by

The Eco–Bio Certificate assures that our flavours have been manufactured with Eco-Bio ingredients, following the Eco–Bio Good-Manufacturing-Practices.

Eco–Bio Essential Oils, Eco–Bio Extracts and other Eco–Bio ingredients are used to formulate our Eco–Bio Flavours.

Halal Certified Flavors

FEED Flavours
Certificate with Register
nº ESP41000908

The premixes and flavours from DELSA are included in the official Register for feed–animal use. Our premixes for feed and our flavours for pets are specifically designed for each animal type according to their preferences and tastes.

When you purchase a flavour from a feed-registered manufacturer you are sure you will get the highest quality standards and you will contribute to animal welfare.


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